Spotting, discoloration, and curling are signs of a failing roof

Thinking about a new roof, but not sure if you need to replace it or not?

We offer free estimates! If your roof is beginning to break down, you probably should think about replacing. The price of shingles (because of their asphalt composition) has increased dramatically in the last couple of years, and continues to go up. You can limit the replacement cost of your roof by acting sooner rather than later.

You also don’t want to take the chance of causing further damage to your home because of a failing roof that has lost shingles and is leaking. Sometimes leaks can occur in the attic and walls and not show any immediate damage. This can cause mold and structural problems that become very costly.

Picking out a good shingle to cover your home is very important. You want to make sure you choose a good manufacturer. A warranty is only as good as the company that provides it. That is why we have chosen Certainteed products.

Jeb Kennel Builders is classified as a certified installation contractor for Certainteed. This classification gives us an edge that pays big dividends for you. For example: did you know you can get a 50 (yes…fifty!) year warranty on your shingled roof? That’s fifty years of 100% non-prorated coverage.

Certainteed Landmark Plus Architectural Shingle
in Cobblestone Gray

Proper installation of Winterguard on eaves
protects the roof from leakage that can occur
from ice damming.

If there is a production defect such as massive granule loss, delamination, or sealant failure, Certainteed will not only replace the shingle, but also pay for the labor to remove and dispose of the old roof, labor to install the new one, and even pay the cost of new felt paper, nails, and other roof system components at no charge to you.

This coverage exists for 50 years on the Landmark Premium Lifetime shingle. This warranty is transferrable one time if you decide to sell your home. These shingles are rated at 110 mph and weigh in at over 300 pounds per square. This is a quality shingle from a quality company.

The installation of the roof system is just as important as the shingle itself. We use concepts like flashing redundancy and preventative techniques. In the course of my fifteen years in this industry, I have corrected many leaks in improperly installed roof systems.

The number one cause of leakage in a roof is not the shingles themselves, but what is installed underneath them. Shingles buffer your home from the onslaught of weather, but water does get behind them. The use of products like 30 lb felt paper, winterguard, shingle starter, and aluminum flashing are very important in the last line of defense on your home.

Another cause of roof failure is improper ventilation. In the winter, warm air heavy with water vapor penetrates the ceiling and moves against the underside of the roof sheeting. If there is not enough air flow, this hot, moist air will condensate on the underside of the plywood, causing mold and wood decomposition.

In the summer, the attic traps heat like a greenhouse and can become so hot it will literally bake the shingles from the underside. Too much heat can severely cut the life of a shingle.

Having good ventilation will keep the house cooler, save energy, and save your roof. Ridgevents, power vents, and soffit ventilation are key components to making sure this system works properly.

Before replacing the roof on your home, there are some steps you can take to help ensure a flawless execution of the project. A few days before we arrive, mow the yard. Keeping the grass cut will help us get all of the debris and nails from the old roof out of the yard. Only about 1% of the tear off will ever touch your lawn, but it makes it that much easier to clean up if it is cut.

Also locate where any septic tanks or cisterns in the yard might be. We have heavy vehicles and machinery, and I would rather not locate it with a truck. If you have any items around the house, such as patio furniture, vehicles, etc. make sure they are moved out of the area.

You also will need to sign a contract to be placed on the schedule and commence work. Financial terms and payment schedules will be disclosed in the contract.

To request an estimate, contact us.