Transmitting your dream from a piece of paper to a reality is one of the most exciting endeavors you can ever embark on. In America, our homes are not only our pride and joy, they are our security and financial future. You owe it to yourself and your family to make prudent decisions on what you do with the biggest investment of your life.

Choosing a contractor to build that home is also one of the biggest decisions you can make. You need quality, yes. You need experience and guidance. You also need trust and integrity.

I can make a promise that what you see is what you get when you deal with my company. We are not just here to make a sale. After your home is completed, you are still one of my customers. I respond to warranty calls faster than new leads because I know my name is riding on it.

I am building your home; your satisfaction and approval is building my company.

When you sit down with me to begin achieving your dreams, you can be confident you are calling the shots. I don’t give you a few home plans to choose from and then start throwing numbers at you. This is your home, as unique as you are.

I can provide design assistance, including turning your plans into blueprints. I can help you get started, or I can take your finished product and start building it. The steps to a new home are simple.

I will discuss your plans in detail with you. Depending on what you have, they may be ready to draw up, or there may need to be several revisions. An average set of prints typically costs between $500–$700. Revisions will add to the cost. As with all work I do, I will price everything up front with a contract so there are no surprises.

When the design phase is completed, we can begin pricing the home. I will give you a detailed quote with nearly every item in the home itemized so we can see exactly where the costs are lining up. You then can pick out specific choices like flooring, cabinets, colors, plumbing fixtures — all of that, according to how much you want to spend. When the numbers are aligned with your budget, we will again sign a contract and place the project on the schedule and commence work.

I am proud to have a track record of building quality custom homes. Homes that meet the US Energy Star Compliance are built to exacting standards. Imagine heating your home on less than $300 a year. Products like Geothermal water furnace systems, r-values in walls exceeding R-25, quality sealing windows and doors help you pay back the cost of your home faster than we could have imagined even a few years ago.

Building smart for the future and taking extra care in the design and craftsmanship of a unique home will give us both piece of mind long into the future.

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